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Sailing in Greece

Greece remains one of the most beloved travel destinations. The combination of rugged beauty and thousands of years of history never seizes to amaze and inspire. Venture further inland and you will find atmospheric villages and monasteries, museums and a laid-back lifestyle, which the Greeks are fampis for. Minoans, Romans, Arabs, Latin Crusaders, Venetians, Slavs, Albanians and Turks have all left their mark in almost every town or village.

Some of the destinations to see:

The Cyclades Islands

These islands are probably the most popular destination in the world. This area is renowned for its clear water, sandy beaches and strong winds. Here you can find a lot of – sunshine, rocky isles, white traditional houses and countless beaches.

The Ionian Islands

The Ionian Islands have a mild climate, more vegetation and less strong winds than any other regions in Greece. The vast olive trees, picturesque mountains and iridescent waters of the Ionian Sea offer something for everyone – the adrenaline seeker and the ones seeking to relax on secluded beaches and calm waters.

The Dodecanese Islands

The Dodecanese islands offer a completely different experience. They are the warmest Greek sailing destination and bare of vegetation. Visitors can enjoy crystal clear waters, sandy or pebbly beaches, imposing Byzantine and medieval monuments and unique traditional settlements.